Nioxin Diaboost

For the past few weeks I’ve been testing out Nioxin’s Diaboost as part of a Savvy Circle run trial. I thought it was about time I gave you guys the low down on it too.

The product:


Nioxin Diaboost is designed for women (or men) with fine or thinning hair. In short, it boost the diameter of each individual hair whilst providing a wealth of skincare benefits to the scalp to aid healthy hair growth.

Now, I’m only 24 so hopefully hair thinning is something I don’t have to worry about for a very long time, but I do have the worlds most ridiculously fine hair. I find this to be both a blessing and a curse – it goes without saying that I am green with envy when I see friends/celebrities/random people in the street with their thick flowing locks, but on the other hand when comparing my hair with those thick haired beauties (that I know well enough to touch) I have found that whilst my hair is silky soft and touchable, theirs is a bit more course and rough. I literally can’t think of anything that would gross me out more than that stuff brushing against my shoulders or cheeks.

I did want my fine hair to have more volume though, so I thought in for a penny, in for a pound…

Notes on testing:

Firstly, you apply 4 – 6 sprays to your roots and massage in until the product disappears. Massaging your roots is great for stimulating blood supply so I figured even if the product did absolutely nothing this would still be good for my hair, but immediately after application I did notice a perceptible increase in root volume. Jackpot!

I also noticed that it smells uncannily similar to John Frieda Root Awakening spray so the conspiracy theorist in me wonders whether it is just that product in a more expensive bottle. I’m not sure if John Frieda still make their version though, and I didn’t test the two back to back to be able to confirm or deny.

Now, I tested this product daily for weeks and I’m disappointed to have to admit that on me, this volume just didn’t last. I got an hour or two before my hair returned to its usual flat state *sad face*.  The other thing that I found was that my hair seemed to get greasy way quicker than normal (and I’m a daily hair washer so that’s saying something!).

The one positive I noticed from using Diaboost has been that my permanently temperamental scalp has been a lot happier. Normally it gets irritated and sore on a regular basis but it’s been very calm since I’ve been using this product.

Overall opinion:

So, on the volume front this product really didn’t deliver for me. I wonder whether my hair was falling flat because it was getting greasy, and whether on an older person’s hair (which tends to be drier) this wouldn’t happen. I think that perhaps this is where I’m not really the target market for the product (more for thinning hair than fine hair perhaps).

I was thinking of giving this to my mum to use, but then I realised it was so good for my scalp that I really didn’t want to give it away!

I won’t be using this product daily, but I’m definitely keeping it in my arsenal for tackling scalp sensitivity. And whilst I’m not keen on products making my hair greasy, it should be noted that other products I’ve used for my scalp have been a whole lot worse on this front.

Have you tried Diaboost? What did you think?


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