L’oreal Ever Riche


Following Essie Button’s rant about how amazing these were, and having previously really likes their Ever Strong range I thought I’d give the Ever Riche shampoo and conditioner a go.

Firstly, I love that they’re sulphate free. This isn’t really a deal breaker for me when it comes to shampoos and conditioners, but I figure not having them is preferable to having them.

The second thing you should know is that they smell good. Not as good as John Freida Full Repair or Redken Extreme, but definitely ‘look forward to washing my hair’ good. I’m not sure I can accurately describe the smell for you beyond saying sweet but not sickly, so you’ll just have to nip into boots and give it a sniff for yourself!


My hair is left soft and incredibly shiney. For a shampoo aimed at fine, dry hair this does seem to make my hair a little flat, but I guess it never promised to be volumising.

The good thing about it is that because it’s a high quality product you don’t have to use as much product as with cheaper alternatives. It also does make my hair feel really nourished, so if you’re suffering with winter dryness I’d recommend giving this a try.

Would I buy it again?

If I’m 100% honest I think I preferred Ever Strong so I’d probably buy that instead. Having said that, the one product from the range that I haven’t discussed here is their spray conditioning mask which I’m waaaaay more taken with. I’ll tell all soon, promise!

Have you tried Ever Riche yet? What did you think? Is ‘sulphate free’ something you look for in hair products?


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