I feel like I’ve been using Hydraluron for ages now. I wanted to wait until I’d used it for at least a few months so I could give an opinion when I’d properly made my mind up rather than a quick ‘look what I bought’ type post, because really, who cares?

Everyone and their mother uses Hydraluron these days, and it’s one of those products that has been raved about all over the internet. I think Caroline Hirons may be personally responsible for a lot of their sales and she certainly was what prompted my purchase (damn that woman!).

The thing is, I’ve waited and waited for a clear opinion to form in my mind and to either love or hate this serum but I’m still as undecided as ever. I’ve been using it every night for months now and nothing dramatic has happened to my skin!

My skin is a little better hydrated, I think, but I still get dry patches around my nose crease so it hasn’t exactly changed my life. It hasn’t broken me out though, which is good. It seems OK, but I just wouldn’t say it was particularly any better than other serums I’ve used.

The crux of the matter is this, all Hydraluron does is hydrate your skin a bit. It doesn’t anti-age, it doesn’t even skin tone, it doesn’t make you glow and it doesn’t improve skin texture. It’s also my understanding that the way it works is by sucking the moisture out of whichever face cream you put on top and forcing it into your skin*, so it’s fairly dependent on how moisturising the cream you use with it is. If you remember this and don’t expect wonders you’ll probably like Hydraluron, if you’re expecting it to change your life you might be disappointed.

As for me, I’m not quite at the bottom of my tube yet but once I get there I’m going to stop just to see what happens. I have a feeling this is one of those products where I’ll be more aware of how good it is once I stop using it.

Have you tried Hydraluron? What did you think? Or, is there anything you’ve bought just on Caroline Hirons’ recommendation?

*If I’m wrong, sorry!


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