Backstreet’s Back, alright?!

So it’s actually just little old me. No Backstreet Boys. Sorry!

But I am back in my own little corner of the internet after an unfathomably long time away. I don’t have any particularly interesting tale as to why I’ve been away for so long. Essentially I just realised I’d put so much pressure on myself to write regularly on here that I’d kinda ruined it for myself. And I got some lovely makeup for Christmas, but I was not letting myself use it because I hadn’t photographed it yet. It was madness and I needed a break.

That break just spread into months, and I wasn’t really missing blogging until something happened that reminded me why I did it in the first place. That thing was Revlon Colourstay Liquid Eye Pen.


Revlon Colourstay Liquid Eye Pen is the single worst eyeliner I have ever bought in my life!

It’s a felt pen style eyeliner like many others on the market. I’d always thought they were all much of a muchness. Some have longer handles, some fatter tips but fundamentally they’re all interchangeable, right? Wrong!

I bought it in a 3 for 2 offer with some other bits in Boots and when I tried it out on my eye it just would not draw a line properly. The ink wasn’t coming out like it’s supposed to. It just sort of left a bit of grub and a periphery line. Even after going over it several times it didn’t look good enough to leave the house wearing. I actually took the first one I bought back and got it changed thinking it was dried out, but the replacement is just as bad.

I started this blog to help others avoid spending their money on really rubbish cosmetics so they can save it for the better ones. With that in mind here’s my handy hint for you all. Don’t buy the Revlon eyeliner, save a few extra pennies and get the Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner. I got it two days ago, have only used it once and already it’s blown everything else out of the water. Easy to apply, super black line and really, really stays put.


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