Summer lovin’, happened so fast…

Is it just me, or when the weather starts to heat up does your whole outlook on life change? When the weather’s warmer I’m drawn to different products, and the fancy strikes me fast!

There’s a new perfume in my life. I think it’s love.


Rêve Opulent by Terry de Gunzberg* is a Gardenia drenched infusion of summer sunshine. It’s floral, but fresh. I’m not normally overly drawn to floral fragrances, but for some reason I make an exception for Gardenia.

Describing scents isn’t my forté, but here’s my best shot.

Rêve Opulent is like that first day on holiday, when you’ve donned your new bikini and gone for a stroll by the shore, a gentle coastal breeze ruffling your hair. It’s like that first feeling of sun on your skin, and a fresh cold cocktail in hand. This is such a luxurious fragrance, but a relaxed one. Nothing stuffy here.

It dries down to a gloriously subtle trail of fragrance. Not imperceptible, but it become a part of your natural scent as opposed to something you’re wearing over it. For me this is summer perfection.

The official description goes a little something like this:

The gardenia, the absolute expression of luxury, which I have dreamt of with eyes wide open. Its opulent touch brings out a rich, floral heart. Restrained when it comes to extractions and other distillations, the gardenia gives little away. A tenacious floral ensemble, with Egyptian jasmin and Indian Sambac jasmin together with essence of rose and its absolute, a touch of orange blossom, a trail of ylang ylang and a hint of Sri Lanka cinnamon become a dream of gardenia.

I couldn’t pick out jasmine or rose in the scent, so I guess the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That, or my sense of smell just isn’t well trained enough. Either way, this is one fragrance that’s worth smelling and forming your own opinion on.

Terry de Gunzberg Rêve Opulent is available from House of Fraser at £68 for 50ml. It’s really not a cheap scent, but it is an Eau de Parfum rather than toilette so you shouldn’t have to reapply too often.

*PR sample


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